visual art

Untitled 2
by Eavery Henriquez


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Scary Story

Anulika Nnadi

Scary Story

Why do I feel so cold. I looked down to see a pool of my blood. This was all my fault. I’m sorry. 

Today marks the five year anniversary of my father’s death.

The Unforgettable Night

Trey Rabuffo

The Unforgettable Night

The year was 2025. The month was November. The snow shined on the roofs of the futuristic houses. Mr. Gray Thomas awoke every day at 6:00 a.m. for work. He worked in a place that was far from serene.


Jared Fallon


The clock hit zero with the game still tied

The overtime period had begun


Meghan White


My fingers graze delicately across the raised, colorless scar above my left elbow. The sunrise beams through the changing leaves in the trees and reflects brightly on the mirror in my bedroom that desperately needs to be cleaned.

The Stranger

Samantha Shortall

The Stranger

The streets are abandoned except for a few cars. Why would anyone be out at this hour? Other than me, of course. I have my reasons.


Olivia Bello


the sun so sure he seems and shines so bright

the golden jewel, cuts shadows like a knife

Forty Years

Chloe Hohmann

Forty Years

“Ah! Sh*t.” He sucks in through gritted teeth, waving a throbbing and bloodied finger feverishly in the air. Cursing the boxcutter, he tosses it aside, which skids off the table and clatters onto the floor.


Aine Nickerson


David opened his pouch of butterscotch and popped on in his mouth. The warm taste brought him comfort as he sat, still looking out the window.

Untitled 5
by Eavery Henriquez


     Welcome to the The Halyard!

The Halyard is NHS's annual literary and arts magazine.

     It proudly displays some of the school's best written and visual art pieces.  This year, The Halyard went digital instead of having a physical magazine made.

     All students are encouraged to submit their creative works for consideration. Each year a select number of students will have their work chosen for publication. 


Advisor. Ms. Link

CJ Hudanich. 2021

Sophia Varekamp. 2021 

Olivia Bello. 2021

Norah Murphy. 2022

Bridget Shaw. 2022

past staff



Deadline: 12/20/19

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